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Information technology may be defined as the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware. With the rapidly shrinking and faster interacting world scenario, one has to be informed, stay in tune with the times and adapt his business to the latest trends and best options. This is why you need someone who combines the knowledge of what is the latest and the expertise to use it. Let us help you.
Dedicated to high-quality, high-impact, communication solutions. At Mars, we believe that you can't win tomorrow's battles with yesterday's technology. We have been harnessing the power of new international trends in Information Technology to help our clients win today. As well as tomorrow. We believe that addressing our clients' needs is vital to a successful business relationship. What Mars represents is professionalism, value, commitment to quality, and exceptional customer service. We are constantly trying to expand our services to better serve our customers. We take pride in being a very client-focused company, and always give strong attention to your input, ideas and concepts.
Established in 2000 and founded on its I.T. distribution businesses, Mars I.T., today stands as a multi-faceted group with synergistic activities comprising of a combined workforce of over 70. Mars I.T., has been recognized as a major provider of quality, reliability, and excellence in services for Information Technology.
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Mars I.T.’s business purpose is to accelerate the advancement of knowledge and fundamentally improve the effectiveness of people and organizations through I.T. solutions.

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Information technology, I.T. distribution, I.T. solutions, computer & networking products, Access Control and Biometric Time & Attendance Solutions, CCTV Camera Solutions, Wireless PTP Solutions, Voice-Data Networking, IP Technologies, ERP, Digital Smart Homes, Structured Cabling Bahrain, Custom Software development, Web Designing, Search Engine Submissions & SEO, I.T. Infrastructure and Service Management. At Mars... Yes we can.

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